10 Sept 2011 – Manicured and Pedicured

Saturday afternoon Beth and I went to Elegant Nails for the full treatment. I felt like Dorothy in the salon before she entered the Emerald City. One technician was giving me a pedicure and another was giving me a manicure.  We had a sea salt rub, a masque and a hot rock massage on our calves and shins. My feet were encased in hot wax. The only time I had second thoughts was when the technician brought out a cheese grater to buff the callouses on my feet. I know my feet got tough in Ghana but seriously?!



28 July 2011 – Adjusting

When I get back to the US I will find it hard to:

– Use my left hand to give anything to people.

– Go to bed without shaking out my sheets.

– Put toilet paper in the toilet bowl.

– Eat with a fork and spoon.

– Stay warm.

– Wear closed toed shoes.

– Speak correct English, ooohhh!

– Walk by someone without greeting them.

– Make choices in a grocery store.

– Pay American prices for things.