Susie Williams

I am looking for Susie Williams the last PCV to serve in Sandema at Sandema Secondary and Technical School. Her friend Perpetua Kampusi has lost her address and would like to get back in touch. Susie is also known as Susie Bigelow. If anyone knows her or Susie if for some reason you have found this blog please contact me by commenting or send a letter to the school to Perpetua.  P.O. Box 30, Sandema, U.E.R.; Ghana, West Africa


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  1. Caity said,

    April 10, 2009 at 10:56 am

    I am also looking for a Susie Williams who is now married, unfortunately, I do not know her married name. She was stationed in Argentia, Newfoundland Canada around 1987-1990. Our litle group of friends was Susie, myself, Kim Coleman and Alice Gates. (I’m also looking for Alice Gates if she happens to read this!). I’ve heard that Susie married a military man, so she is probably still on the move. Hope his finds her doing very well! Contact me by commenting – Kim and I are looking for you!

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