Gari and Tuna

Gari and Tuna

1/4 cup of Gari per person
1 Can of tuna (add one for each 4 people)
1 Small tomato
1/2 Green pepper
1/4 Small onion
2 tbs oil (can use tuna oil)
1/4 cup water
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Peppe or ground red pepper to taste

Mix water and gari together. Add seasonings.  Set aside.
Dice tomato, pepper and onion into small pieces. Mix with the wet gari.
Add oil and mix.
Add Tuna fish.

You can use sardines instead of tuna.

Must be eaten with your right hand. No utensils allowed. Doris and Monica, two preteens who visit me,  brought the fixings for Sardines and Gari to my house one afternoon. They were thrilled to show me how to make it. They took over my kitchen. And cooked like Ghanaian women three times their age. Doris was did a good job of telling me step by step what to do. Monica was a good sou chef and saved me from too much peppe!

They also were happy to sit down and eat it with me in my hall. It really is better if you eat it with someone. Sharing food from a common dish is very intimate and it always makes me feel welcome in someone’s home.  These are the rules I have observed. Wash your hands first. Eat with only your right hand. Do not lick your fingers and put them back in the bowl. Eating with your hand you have to accept that your hand will be greasy or dirty through out the meal. You also eat from one section of the bowl, preferably the section close to you. Dizzy’s mom gave her a good reprimanding when she started to eat out of my section once. I have also noticed that everyone usually leaves the meat until last. I don’t know when it is appropriate to eat the meat first because I always wait for someone else to eat the meat first.

Ghanaians don’t usually talk when they eat. For Americans eating together is a time to share the activities of the day, to talk over plans or to socialize with friends. Ghanaians eat then talk. Yes I have managed to do this.

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