Cabbage and Ground Nut Salad

Cabbage and ground nut salad

¼ head of cabbage
1 large tomato
½ a green pepper
1/3 cucumber (if you can find one)
Shredded carrot.
¼ onion if you want
1 handful of ground nuts

2 tbs Mayo
Juice of one Lime

If I am going to eat my veggies raw I soak them in water with two or three drops of bleach in it. I have also used the salt water method if the bleach is finished.

Soak veggies for 10 minutes

Cut cabbage into ¼ inch strips. Separate and put into a bowl.
Squeeze lime juice onto the cabbage. Add salt and pepper. Toss and let the cabbage rest.
Cut the tomato up any way you like. I like uneven chunks.
Cube the cuke.
Shred about ½ of the carrot. I eat the rest.
Slice the onion very thin. Onions in Ghana are very strong so the thinner the better.

Toss the other ingredients in with the cabbage.
Add the ground nuts and mayo.

Eat with Cream Crackers and frozen limeade.

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