28 January 09 Breakfast Gari

½ Cup gari 2 Pinches of salt 2 Tbls sugar ½ Tsp cinnamon ¼ –€“ ½ Cup of water 1 Medium mango 1 Handful walnuts and/or pecans Mix gari, salt, sugar and cinnamon. Add water. The gari can be almost dry, moist or soggy. I like mine moist so I put about 1/3 a cup of water to ½ cup of gari. Add the mango and nuts and mix. I did not want to cook this morning and remembered that gari and sugar is a good breakfast food. Then I imagined the last mango in my fridge. Eureeka! Mango and gari sounds delicious. I scooped the gari into a bowl. I put the sugar and salt in with it. In Africa salt is not my enemy. I try to make sure I replenish the salt I loose sweating. Then I though cinnamon. Yum. So I added some. I mixed the dry ingredients and added the water. I mixed again and let it set. While the gari was soaking up the water I battled the mango. There has to be a better way! It takes me at least 15 minutes to get the flesh and dice it. By the time I am finished my hands, the knife and the cutting board are smeared in mango. (Added 020209 Since then I have asked Elizabeth, the small girl next door, how she cuts up a mango. Oh it is so easy. ) The I ponder putting in raisins. They would be sweet but maybe they would over power the subtle mango flavor. I think they would also be too chewy as well. Oh but I have some nuts in that trail mix Mel and Den sent. And even though they aren’t my favorite (but I like them I am not complaining) I think walnuts would go well with the texture of the gari. When I open the trail mix I see pecans as well. Yeah! Excellent. They are pretty much the same texture of the walnuts. So I break up the pecans and walnuts and mix them in the gari. You must eat gari with your hands. I usually pinch a bite between my thumb and two fingers. Press it together and then push it into my mouth with my thumb. Gari tastes like a nutty starch. It was a quiet flavor behind the mango, cinnamon and nuts.

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