Shedding again!

Oh boy I am selling my stuff again in preparation for the big move to Ghana.  Today I contacted B&H Photo with a list of all my photo equipment to see what kind of trade in they will give me. I really do not need three cameras. I don’t need 15 different filters in two sizes. I don’t need a big tripod. I never use it and a  little  one will travel so much better. I now have three camera bags. I don’t need three camera bags! So I am waiting for there estimate so I can send the stuff to them.

I sold my XO today. The new owner is very happy. I am glad. It just wasn’t going to do what I wanted it to do.

I sold my desktop today as well.  The buyer will wait until next week to pick it up.

I am trying to sell my enlarger and other misc.  darkroom equipment.

I am trying to sell a TV and a VCR.

That’s about it!

Getting down to 80lbs of junk is hard work!


Making progress

Well as the Red Sox move towards the world series I move towards letting go of my stuff. sold my dining room table and chairs today. finished the bedroom, did the living room. have dining room and kitchen left. many items marked for the moving sale on the 20th and 21st.

it feels good to let go of my stuff. I really don’t need as much as i have. if i could learn to live with what i need i would have a much freer life.

My Red Sox seem to be winning for my last post season for the next two years at least. I will miss baseball. maybe i’ll introduce baseball to africa! none of this cricket stuff!


My Ebay Store

I decided to create an eBay store to sell my stuff.  Big learning curve.

Here’s the link Vicky’s Stuff