Passion Quilt Meme

Passion Quilt Meme

I haven’t been tagged yet for this meme but I wanted to share my thoughts. This meme is to inspire new librarians but I think all the images in the Passion Quilt could apply to any one in any walk of life or any age.

Thanks to by Lynn (WHAAAAT?) for this great image so I could add my square to the passion quilt meme. My passion is that we become like children in our work. We should gain new skills they way children do by enjoying, exploring and experimenting.

Check out other Passion Quilt Squareson flickr. I hope someone makes a virtual quilt of these.


Cleaning House

This week I have been cleaning my office. It’s amazing how much paper I have felt the need to keep in 13 years.  Most of the stuff I never looked at again once I filed it.  But it was fun to look at it now and remember my career here.  I found a tech newsletter I wrote for monthly for about a year. The minutes from tech team meetings and the web redesign project.  Instructions and manuals for software we don’t even use any more. Many good memories. I choose to overlook the bad ones!

And as I have seen things on my desk they remind me of people here I have given them the item. I feel the need to leave pieces of myself at LRW Library  in the place I have been at for so long.


My Resume for the PC

The PC asked for a resume for my country desk in Ghana. Of course I threw out all my print copies when I moved from my apartment to the room I am renting. I must of had a shedding fit and decided that the electronic version was enough. Well of course I could not find my electronic version anywhere so I had to create a new resume


Professional Conferences

I just may miss professional conferences.  The hard dorm room beds, the college food ah the nostalgia. But really it’s great to hear what others are doing and to share what I am doing.  It’s energizing and inspiring.  This may be my last professional library conference in two plus years or more, so I am enjoying every minute of it. Meeting my colleagues from the Northeast. Sharing our ILS system woes and some of our library services triumphs.  So in homage to all my fellow librarian conference attendee I’ll post this video from YouTube.

March of the Librarians.

 off to lunch.