Moving again!

Today I am sorting through my belongings yet again in preparation for another move. I have had a hard time facing this one and have found something else more important the past three weekends. I move next weekend so it’s time to bring my stuff to the Salvation Army.

For me clothes and shoes are the hardest things to let go of. As I sort through my remaining clothes so many memories come back. I remember when Beth and I bought our twin Flip Flops at the Yankee Trader on one of our Belfast weekends. The breezy July day on the coast where Liz got married comes to mind when I look at that white top. Helen helped me shop for that outfit. These red sandals are so comfortable maybe i’ll bring them even if the leather does disintegrate in the tropics. Oh I wore those boots when Eric and I went to Cape Ann on that rainy fall day. My L.L. Bean coat! Jeanette has a blue one just like it! I tell myself the memories will still be there.

Clothes and shoes say so much about your personality and what you do. So in another way as I shed my old job and my American lifestyle it feels right to shed my old clothes and shoes. As the person I will become emerges my clothes and shoes will reflect that change.

So vc quit stalling, get off the computer and take some more steps to your new life! -vc

Shedding again!

Oh boy I am selling my stuff again in preparation for the big move to Ghana.  Today I contacted B&H Photo with a list of all my photo equipment to see what kind of trade in they will give me. I really do not need three cameras. I don’t need 15 different filters in two sizes. I don’t need a big tripod. I never use it and a  little  one will travel so much better. I now have three camera bags. I don’t need three camera bags! So I am waiting for there estimate so I can send the stuff to them.

I sold my XO today. The new owner is very happy. I am glad. It just wasn’t going to do what I wanted it to do.

I sold my desktop today as well.  The buyer will wait until next week to pick it up.

I am trying to sell my enlarger and other misc.  darkroom equipment.

I am trying to sell a TV and a VCR.

That’s about it!

Getting down to 80lbs of junk is hard work!


American Self Portrait

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