Zinzin Road by Fletcher Knebel pt.II

Did not like this book one little bit.  The writing was mediocre. The characters were one dimensional. The beauty of Africa never really came through.I really didn’t get feel for living in another culture.  What i did find interesting was the question of where do you draw the line between following your beliefs and not meddling in the local politics. I think this group went way over that line many times.

I am still looking for the Peace Corps book that will do for me what Chinua Achebe’s book did. His book transported me to another culture. I want to read a book that will take me into the lives of the people in the community where the volunteer is serving.

So on to Mango Elephants in the Sun by Susana Herrera.


Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe

This man is a beautiful writer. His prose is elegant. Achebe took me to Africa and snuggled me down right in the middle of a tribe.  After reading this book I felt that I had visited africa and met the people. Although many of the thoughts and values were different from my own Achebe presented his characters with such sympathy that I did relate to them.

I also read Things Fall Apart last year because it was recommended on the website of my favorite author – Stewart O’Nan.

On the basis of reading these two books I would recommend anything by Chinua Achebe.