Interview Set

The interview date is set.  Tuesday, July 3 @ 3:00 p.m. in the Big Apple.  Nice excuse for a train ride.


Nelson Mandela on Learning Language

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – On Nelson Mandela and Learning Afrikaans
Well, Nelson was very serious about… learning to understand the Afrikaner… [I]n his mind… the Afrikaner was an African… [W]hatever solution there was going to be on the political issues was going to involve Afrikaans people. They… were part and parcel of the land… [T]hey had grown up and… had a history in the country, which [Nelson] wanted to understand. [He] put a lot of work and effort in learning to speak Afrikaans and to use it… He had absolutely no qualms about greeting people in Afrikaans and about trying his Afrikaans out on the warders. [Nelson] wanted to really get to know Afrikaners, as part of the people who belonged to the country.

Now that you’ve learned about Nelson Mandela’s motivations for language learning, your next step is to process your own thoughts about the subject.

From Peace Corps training materials.

Step II finished

One more step is finished. I have been fingerprinted. My friend R said that I was the only person he knew who was excited about being fingerprinted. My security review form is signed. My divorce papers and my transcripts are copied and they are all in an envelope ready to mail tomorrow morning.

STEP III: Interview.


In limbo

I feel like I am in limbo waiting for my first communication from the Peace Corps. They are sending a letter with information to track the progress of my application via Internet. Delayed gratification is great if I am the one delaying the gratification but waiting without knowing when the answer will come is tough.  Thank goodness there is so much to do and i can keep busy with work, eBay and the scrapbook for my granddaughter that I do not think about the application all the time.

Promise when I know something you will all know something!


Application submitted.

The application is submitted. In 3-4 weeks I should hear from the recruiter. I am on my way.

Here is my essay on why I want to join the Peace Corps. Regular readers have probably heard most of this because I solidified my reasons by blogging about them.


An my essay about a cross cultural experience.

PC Cross Cultural

I am excited a bit terrified. Mostly because I think I should be a little terrified but really I can hardly wait for them to contact me and make it more real!

kuala lumpur here i come!



Today I finished my two essays and have started the online application. Oh my. I am really going to do this!



Ok, so I haven’t tackled that application yet. Making a scrapbook for my granddaughter seems a lot more fun! BUT I have gotten two recommendations. Thanks so much to Diane, who was a boss and now a co-worker and Debbie from Cedar Mountain Commons. I am not sure I recognize the lovely person you are describing in your letters.

It was interesting how difficult it was for me to finally ask for personal references. One hurdle jumped. Now on to the last big hurdle in this pre-application period. This weekend for sure.



How do people blog every day? I find I don’t have something to say everyday. I bet that will change when I go overseas.

Application Looming

The application is partially filled out sitting on the stool beside my favorite chair. I have three recommendations to get. I have one why I want to go essay to finish and I have one essay about a past cross cultural experience to start! Guess when I finish the application and turn it in i am one more step committed, one more BIG step.