Deborah Amalalo – Form 1 BASCO

5 July 2011

I am happy that the computer is now making the world smaller. Through the computer we can communicate with anyone in the world. Using the computer we can send email and pictures to family, friends and other people all over the world.

Books also can help me learn the history of other countries and about famous people from outside. I can also learn many other things from books like – English, Social Studies, Mathematice. From religious books i can learn religious songs and dances.

The phone also makes the world smaller; through the phone, which we can talk on, I can message to my friends and listen to foreign music. A person can make a phone call from people outside of ghana and feel happy to chat with everyone in the country.

Deborah Amalalo

Form 1(grade 7)


Trotor, ER


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