24 June 2011 – Dreamy Hippy Haven

The next day I moved to the Rising Pheonix. The Bradt travel guide said it was the best bargain for the money. For me the highlight was that it was on the ocean.  The Pheonix’s owner has just bought the place and it is a bit run down but it’s clean. The menu is still a work in progress but it’s a good vegetarian option in Accra. Both times my food was not well cooked. The bun with the veggie burger was burned and the tempura veggies were not hot nor crispy. Oh but the humas and pita platter was delicious. There were even green olives with it.  The new owner seems eager to make a go of the place and I am sure that when the cooks learn more about cooking the unfamiliar food that it will be good.

No matter about the food the view from the hotel and restuarant is well worth the 40 Ghana Cedis I paid for a room. The compound was situated up on a ledge over looking the ocean.  It was dreamy and not a bit of a nightmare!

Here are a few pics.

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