20 May 2011 – WHAT WILL I DO?!

It’s time to take out my Pot of Possibilities (link to that entry) and think about what I will do when I get back to the USA. The idea of working a desk job 9 to 5 raises my blood pressure when ever I think about it. The job market in the states also causes me anxiety when I think about that. The thought of all bills that go with living in America makes my head spin. I have  my new learned ability to live in the present thank you Ghana, to avoid all these questions and worries but as I get closer to going back to America for good my American need to plan ahead is kicking into gear and now I can’t avoid thinking about (ominous da daaaa here) “My Future”.

I thought the problem of what to do with your life was a problem of 20 somethings. It’s scary and also exciting to have a Pot of Possibilities.  I guess  I should look in that Pot but first let me put down what I do know about the future.

I will be done my Peace Corps service on August 26, 2011 after 1,172 days of service in Ghana. On August 30 I will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps here in Ghana. Then I will travel small and be back in the US by the end of September.

I will go to Sugarland, Texas a suburb of Houston and live with Beth, my best friend.

So that is the total extent of my certain future plans. Time to open the Pot of Possibilities.

1. Write a book.

I could turn my blog and photos into a book.  I have enjoyed writing my blog posts and sharing my photos of Ghana with my friends and family maybe I will be lucky enough to find a publisher for my book.

2. Tutor

Although I have done informal teaching most of my life here in Ghana I did classroom teaching. I learned that I prefer small groups or one on one teaching.

3. Lecture about my Peace Corps experience

I would love to share my experience and encourage other older people to consider the Peace Corps as a retirement or midlife option.

4. Do travel photography.

This would combine two of my passions. Over the past three years I think I have learned a lot about photographing people and places.

5. Work for a public or academic library.

I have the experience and qualifications to do the work.

6. Work on a Semester at Sea voyage as a librarian. They have three voyages a year and hire  a librarian for each voyage.

7. Apply for Peace Corps response. Peace Corps offers RPCVs (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) short term assignments, three months to a year,  all over the world.

The one I really do not want to do is to go back to work 9-5 in a desk job. I have come to love the flexible schedule that I have as a PCV. My classes are scheduled but it’s up to me to decide where and when I will do the rest of my work, like marking papers or preparing lessons.

I have seen that Ghanaian culture values family and personal connections over work, sometimes to it’s detriment but mostly they have a balanced work and family life. I don’t think I could ever work for a place again where you are made to feel guilty because you went to take care of your mother after she had a stroke or the boss asked why you won’t come into work the day of your divorce since your court appearance was at 10:00 am. So I don’t really want to work in a traditional job. I may have to but it’s on the bottom of the list.

Maybe I could combine a few of the choices above to allow me some freedom and flexibility in my schedule and to make enough to live.?

Time will tell.


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  1. Wendy said,

    May 31, 2011 at 11:20 am

    It seems impossible that it’s been 3 years already. Wow, talk about flying time. I know it will take adjusting, but the US will welcome you back with open arms and you will find something wonderful to do as far as work. I love the semester at sea idea. Enjoy the precious time you have left in Ghana and your travels.

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