16 April 2011 – Community Project

Master Thompson needed a place for his goats and fowls. A few weeks ago his students came and made some sandcrete blocks. If you soak the local dirt then pound it starch will form to hold the sand together to make the blocks. Then they must sit for at least a week  to harden.  When I first saw these houses I thought they were made of clay and sand but Robert Kampusi told me about pounding the sand to get the starch. It’s amazing to me the things that people figure out.

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Yesterday and today Master Thompson’s friends and neighbors came to help him build the structure. They used a few tools – a wooden pallet to spread the mortar, string and a level to keep the building true, the ever present tin bowl to carry mortar from the pit and their hands.

The bricks will then be covered in a mud and cow dung plaster to keep it waterproof. The roof will most likely be tin but could also be thatch.

The structure had for sections – two small rooms in front of one larger room. The larger room is about 6 by 14 feet.


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