21 April 2011 – Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

In 1827 a hunter was in the forest. He went to the river and there he found a fetish. This fetish was guarded by the Mona and Colobus monkeys of the area. When the man took the fetish back to his village the monkeys followed him. He asked the fetish priest what he should do. The priest told him that the monkeys were the children of the fetish and if the man liked the monkeys he should keep the fetish and the monkeys would stay. The priest then said that if the man decided to keep the fetish and thus the monkeys he must obey these rules. First he must never kill any of the monkeys. Next they should never hunt nor farm in the forest where the monkeys live and last that the monkeys should be burried when they die. The man decided to keep the fetish and the monkeys so from that day to now the two towns of Boabeng and  Fiema have protected the monkeys and the forest they live in.

There are about 500 Mona monkeys in the sanctuary. The Mona monkey is small. The young were about the size of a siamese cat and the adults were the size of a lapdog. The Mona are gray on the back with a white stomach. Their hair on their heads is highlighted with yellow. They are very friendly and playful. The Mona monkey eats whatever humans eat so it is the one that comes into the village to steal or beg for food.

The Colobus monkey is bigger, about the size of a Cocker Spaniel, about 200 live in the sacred forest. This monkey is very shy. It is usually high up in the trees. The Colobus eats only leaves and insects.

Since the monkeys are the stars of the sanctuary I am going to stop writing and let you watch a slideshow of them in action.

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  1. Tess May said,

    April 30, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    Love the pictures! I am going to be going to Ghana this june for peace corps, and this was one the places that i am going to have to go to!!

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