27 February 2011 – Dinner

Dinner was set for 5:00 pm. After a shower I snacked on some ground nuts, bread chips and Laughing Cow. Then I dozed and read until 4:30 pm. Then I dressed. Bought a package of chocolate chip cookies and asked the desk to call me a cab.

We soon reached the junction where Gina said she would meet me and I got down. She soon came to meet me. On the walk to the house Gina said that they had prepared Banku, peppe and the fish, because Fufu was too heavy to eat after 5:00 pm. Of course I said that the company was more important than the food we ate. I forgotten how Ghanaians fed visitors.

When we arrived at her house Robert was frying fish. They would fry all the fish today and the fish would be preserved for up to a month.

We visited for about 30 minutes.  Gina called me into the house. A wooden table was set in front of a bed. There were four dishes on the table. In the lower left hand corner was a blue plate with a ball of Banku, wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it warm. The bottom right had a white plate with crushed tomatoes and peppe, onions and 6 fried fish. Above that on the top right was another blue plate with a facecloth and a bar of soap. Last, in the upper left was a blue bowl half filled with water.

Oh yes the Ghana custom of serving the guest alone. Gina helped me wash my hands by pouring water on them. She then left me to eat. The meal was delicious. I even managed to eat two fish head and all but finally my brain could not get over eating fish brains.

A telenovella was on the TV in the next room. Gina’s daughter was watching and I could see it as well. I reminded me of watching the Japanese horror movies on Creature Double Feature because the mouths were out of sinc with the words.

I stayed for a while longer watching the news with the family in the other room.

It was a good ending to a good day.


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