27 January 2011 Ghana Magic

Today we saw Ghana ‘magic’.  Two days ago a government official called our director, Pastor Victor, to ask if the school would host a discussion with the people of Trotor. The Ministry of Children and Women has been traveling around Ghana to discuss using alternative to corporal punishment. The magic comes in that what would have taken us in the US at least two weeks to organize, the Ghanaians did it in two days!

That very afternoon, 25 January, students started practicing a local dance, two songs and a skit for the entertainment. Behind the scenes Pastor Victor ordered canopies and plastic lawn chairs.




Today the troops were mobilized. Around 7 am the older boys set up the canopies.





The younger children carried plastic chairs on their heads. Small girls and small boys could carry 3 nested chairs inverted on their heads.








The sound system was set up on the steps of Simona’s Hall.





During the morning the time of the meeting was changed from 2 pm to Noon yet everything was ready. The podium, the last touch, was put down at 11:40 am. It was adorned with pink and white plastic flowers showing through the panes of glass in its base.

My friend, Larry Pearlman, coined the phrase – Ghana magic – when he was a PCV here in Ghana. He was talking to me about the dedication of the visitors center at his site He was saying that although things didn’t get done on a Western time schedule, some how by “Ghana magic” the visitor’s center and grounds were ready for the ceremony.

It’s interesting to live in a place where ‘magic’ still happens.




The students did a local dance as part of the entertainment.  Here are some pictures of them dancing.












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