6 December 2010 – MTN Everywhere

Talking to a friend in America on Friday I realzed I had never mentioned one aspect of Ghana that is so prevelant that I have stopped seeing it. So I will now.

During training I saw stores painted with the colors and logos of Ghanaian compaies. Ashfoam, foam mattresses, and MTN, cell phones, were the two most prevelant. I thought to myself that Ghanaian businessmen like to saturate the market with their stores.

One day in Sushen(the town I lived in during training) I asked where I could buy some sugar.  A friendly market lady pointed to a store nearby painted with the MTN color, Yellow, and emblazed with their blue circular MTN logo.”Wow” I thought “MTN sure has diversified, sugar and cell phones!

When I got in front of the store it was the usual provision store. It finally dqwned on me MTN was advertiaing by painting the store for the owner. The catch was you had to have their colors and logo on your store. I hope Nike and Izod never hear of this marketing ploy.

Since I have been in Ghana three phone companies have come to Ghana. The last one was Vodaphone and they literally painted the county red.


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