14 November 2010 – Casting out of Demons

Last night I thought I was in another riot! It was about 9:30 pm and everyone started shouting and screaming. It was saturday night entertainment so at first I thought that they were just having fun. But then some people came up the hill and I heard “In the name of Jesus I call you out! In the name of Jesus In the NAAAAAAME of Jesus. In the NAAAAMMMEE of JEEeeEEEESus! I cast you out.” Then some unintelligible words. (I think it was speaking in tongues) The noise continued on through 10:30  when I put my ear plugs in to try to get some sleep.

This morning I asked the headmaster what happened last night. Oh the noise he said? Yes I said. It sounded like a riot. He said that the students were trying to cast out demons. He assured me he was going to talk to them today and tell them they are too young to be messing about with demons that their prayers should be intercessory and that is all.  So today after church services he will talk to them. I think he said that he went out last night to send them to bed but if he did it was after 10:30 pm.

Part of me wants to go see what he has to say to the students  but part of me wants to stay as far away from this fanatical subject as I can.

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