13 November 2010 – A rock and a hard place

Louisa, Johan, Werner and I are having some trouble with the children on the weekends, when the Ghanaians who live with us go away. They have been noisy, disrepectful, unhelpful and generally disobedient. For me this was just so surprising after seeing how the kids behaved at my last school.

Three weekends ago it was so bad I complained to Pastor Victor when he came to visit on that Monday. The worst thing the children had done was to shake our locked door at 5:30 or 6:00 am. We were still sleeping or wishing to sleep, so we ignored them but then one of the boys came round and pounded on the screen of my window. I told him to go away! When we did get up, around 7:00, these same children who were disturbing us had not fetched us water to bathe. I told them to do it now. They didn’t and eventually Werner and I had to go fetch it ourselves. Let me tell you in Sandema  I NEVER carried an empty bucket to the bore hole let alone carry a full one back. The children there would all run to help me before I even got to the bore hole. These children saw two adults going to fetch water and ignored us. I told Pastor Victor all this and asked for new boys to fetch water.

The Thursday after the weekend the children misbehaved the headmaster called us all  into his office. He was very angry because we had told Pastor about the children but not told him. He was in charge of the children – how did it look us complaining to Pastor about this-why hadn’t we told him ya da ya da ya da. I am sure you have all heard the same kind of talk from bosses or co-workers.

Well I took the lead and begged the headmaster to forgive me. I had told Pastor on Monday when he came to visit. He had asked how was the weekend and it all just came out. There was no intention to bypass the headmaster just one person talking to another. So on so forth.

Last weekend the children were even worse! They again shook the locked doors well before 6:00 am. They shouted in all our windows. I finally went out to yell at them. Yes lost it and yelled at the children I had come to help – poor ophans at that! When I went out I also saw that one of them had spread dirt all over our porch. The rest of the day the children were awful. Just laying around on our porch, not working. They ignored me when I told them to work or leave. Oh it was not good. To top it all off Corinna was visiting us. She is another German volunteer. I was embarassed.

Sunday when the headmaster came back from Koforidiua he asked me if I had trouble with the children. He said the administrator told him I had been shouting at them on Saturday morning. So I told the headmaster what happened.

The headmaster dealt with it right then. He changed the boys who fetch water for us. He talked to the girls asking them if the boys were misbehaving so badly why didn’t they stop them. They were much bigger and older than the boys etc.

Two days later the Pastor came. During our talk he asked me how the children were acting on the weekends. I told him that there was trouble but I had spoken to the headmaster on Sunday and the headmaster had dealt with it.

Guess what the Pastor said to me about talking to the headmaster about this problem!?

You gotta laugh or you will go crazy.


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