6 November 2010 – Steal this idea!

This morning I am enjoying a book club on BBC and they are talking about “The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas”. I expended my own energy so I could listen to the radio and while I was cranking it I remembered my idea for an invention. The life style here in Ghana is filled with meaningful exercise like fetching water, walking to meet the bus, pounding fufu and hand washing clothes. I like this kind of exercise much better than running to no where like we do in America so how could exercise in America have an immediate purpose? Voila! My idea.

What if a treadmill or a stationary bike were hooked to a battery? This battery could be used to power entertainment devices in the house.  The television, stereo and computer would all be powered by this battery. There would be a direct correlation between how long you exercised and how long you could use an entertainment device. Now for you parents who say my kids would steal the time I put into the battery ah but we could use technology to put passwords and store time for each person then when you wanted to watch tv or use the computer you would enter your password.

The benefits of this idea are many. It would help with the couch potato syndrome. You couldn’t watch TV unless you did some exercise. There would not only be the long term benefits of exercise but there would also be the immediate results as well. And it’s green! It’s a totally renewable source of energy.

So if there is anyone out there who has the technical skills and the desire please steal this idea!

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