19 November 2010 – On the occasion of my 53rd BIRTHDAY!

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I awoke this morning to the mellow sounds of the saxophone. Yes that’s right the saxophone. Johan was standing outside my bedroom door and playing Happy Birthday. Louisa and Werner were saying Happy Birthday Vicky! I rushed out of bed and found a note on the floor by my door. It said “Good morning, Vicky! Please don’t come out between 6&7 o’clock! Thank you!” written in purple crayon. It was well past 7 at least 7:15 so I yanked open the door and hurled out into a birthday celebration. MINE!

The table was beautifully decorated. There was a large palm leaf at my place as a place mat, a large collage 53 leaning against the fruit, three presents – cocoa jam, cocoa butter and a coke – some wild African flowers in a jar, a single candle and my plate and mug all set for me. It was then that I smelled the cooking aroma. Crepes! Louisa had made crepes.

It took all this time to realize I had forgotten my glasses so I went back to my room and got them. When I returned Werner handed me the lyrics of a song and they began to sing in German. A German Happy Birthday song!

Today the weather doesn’t matter,

if it’s rainy, stormy or snowy!

Because you are shining bright

like the sun.

Today it’s your birthday, therefore

we are celebrating.

All your friends are happy with you.

How awesome, glad you are born,

i would have missed you so bad.

How good, glad we are together,

Congratulations dear Birthday-Darling.

All your wishes have a reason.

Then we feasted on the crepes.  With this start to my birthday I am sure to have a great day!

The day ended with a lovely cool rain storm.