5 October 2010 – Content

The rain is about to come. The thunderheads have piled up for the last two hours. In the last 30 minutes the thunder had been rumbling the top of the mountain. And now the wind has just blown my shirt down out of the window where it had been drying.

I am lying on my bed, exhausted but content. The school day had ended and much has been accomplished.

Today I had classes in the computer lab. I have all three JHS classes on Tuesday so it was a perfect day for the generator to be running.

My labs, as usual, were a bit chaotic but amidst the confusion and undercurrent of noise the students learned. And more important I learned, about their comfort level with computers, and knowledge of computers. They could turn on the computer, login, open a program and shut down the computer. With those basics down we could focus on their lessons – Form 2 worked with folders, Form 3 familiarized themselves with Outlook and Form one practices booting, rebooting and shutting down the computers.

During free time they opened programs they had used before, like Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor, and many were courageous and inquisitive and opened new programs as well. It looked to me like the computers in this lab did not sit idle for a year but that they students actually used them last year. It was encouraging.

So even though I am laying flat on my back, feet elevated and aching and my head is throbbing small small, I am satisfied!