29 Sept 2010 – No longer blue

The blues are gone! It was probably everything combined. Leaving my family and friends back in America. Leaving ice cream and cheese. Leaving Sandema. My unfamiliar environment. And jet lag! While I was blue I sure didn’t want to write. Every time I started to write I was surrounded by a negative aura. Not my usual style.

I am getting to know the three volunteers from the German volunteer agency, “Weltwaerts” (WorldWide). This government agency sends German ages 18-28 all over the world. Louisa, 18, has just finished her A levels(like the end of high school). Johan the tall and quiet who is a bit older than Louisa. And Werner, 24, who was a bookseller. They came in country a week before they arrived here and trained with a Ghanaian agricultural agency, ARRA. They will serve one year.  Louisa and Johan will teach art but will also help with child care and administration. Werner, with his experience with books, will work in the library.

Last night we shared family photos. Strangely enough Lousia and Johan went to school together in Berlin for their early primary years. They both had the same school photo. And one of Louisa’s best friends is his cousin. It’s crazy that they both ended up in Ghana and even at the same site!

It may sound weird to say that we share a common culture but we know the same authors, movies and even Nutella. The western culture covers a large amount of territory. Never the less I will enjoy learning about Germany from them as well.

It surprises me how much I enjoy having other people around. Luckily I do have a room to myself so I can grab some me time when I need too but it’s nice to eat with people once in a while or to have someone to go to Koforiduia with.

Second big news is that the sweet young woman who was the Headmistress has left to return to school. We have a new Headmaster, Frank, who seems to be cut from the same cloth of most Ghanaian headmasters.

Yesterday I also learn something very scary. The organization that gave the school the computers, SBIG, is sponsoring a contest between the three schools they have given computers. The stakes are high – three computers, one laptop and a rumored 10,000 GHC. The headmaster hinted that he expected me to be their ringer and whip a team into shape to win this competition. I am very uncomfortable with this idea and will formulate a reasonable argument why someone from the school itself should be in charge of the contest.

My counterpart, Eric, is a hard working young man with a lot of computer knowledge. We are team teaching the Junior High School focusing on the Form 3s who will write their BECE, Basic Education Certificate Exam, in April.

That all for now from the hills of the Eastern Region.