August 2010 – Dear Madam

Before I left I bought material for new uniforms for my girl, Cantuace, and her brother, Samuel. The day that I gave them the material and some money to have them sewn Cantuace came to me, eyes on the ground, hands behind her back. She said “Madam I have something to give you.” Then she handed me a letter on a piece of lined student notebook paper. It read a follows.

Dear Madam,

I am very delited to inform you that  I have succesfully complete Primary School and need to move ahead to secondary school next month. And there I need to have a furniture which I will not get and I am Pleading on your behave if you can get me a furniture.

The next day I told her we would go to Sandema market and buy the table and chair she needed. This was the last market day before I left Sandema. There was a problem. No chairs or tables at the woodworkers stall. She looked so sad I wanted to cry. But there is a happy ending to the story.  Perpetua came to the rescue.  When I returned to Ghana she told me she bought the table and chairs.