10 July 2010 – Stranger in my cupboard

 Because this is the last month at my site in Sandema, today I decided to clean my clothes cupboard. I found a stranger there. And no Beth it wasn’t a man it was a woman! She had on pants and a short sleeved shirt. Her feet were always cold so she was wearing ankle socks. She had two pearl necklaces, a silver chain and a flip-flop necklace. She wore Jovan Musk on her wrists and behind her ears. She had on a Red Sox baseball cap and earrings. Her feet and knees hurt so much she took fish oil capsules twice a day.  Who was this stranger in my closet? It was me 2008!

 It was quite startling to be reminded of the person I was before I joined Peace Corps. I hadn’t even thought of my pearl necklaces in over a year – yet I wore them weekly when I was in the US. When I saw the pile of anklets I wondered why I wasted suitcase space for socks! I think I have worn socks 10 times in the past two years. I dabbed on my Jovan Musk and remembered mornings stepping out of the shower and applying powder and perfume. I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of pants. Oh yes I wore my jeans one evening during the “cold” season in February. And the Black Stars of Ghana have taken over my heart as my favorite sports team. (Sorry Sox but I do still check your standings when I am on the net.)

 I wonder what other changes I will find or my family and friends will find when I return to the US for my month home leave?


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