6 July 2010 – Field Trip

Since May many of you have received emails about the field trip I was going to participate in with two of my Form 3 classes – 3B1 and 3B2. Portia and Rofina are in these classes and when they heard that another master, Master Atim was planning an excursion to Accra they immediately came to me. The planning for this excursion began last term in March and April. When the girls found out the first asked if I would please go with them. They thought it would be so fun to have me with them. Then they asked me to pay the excursion fee! The excursion would take place early in the third term.

 All three of us were excited. They were going to visit Parliament, Kwame Nkruma’s house, the national museum and one other place. I had not been to any of them. It would be fun to see them with my girls. We also discussed Ice Cream and Pizza!

 The new term began. We couldn’t go the first week because all the students hadn’t returned yet. Then we learned that the InterZonal (regional) sports would take place the last week of May. Many of the Form 3 students were athletes so we needed to stay until the games were over.

 Then the games were finished and the PTA meeting was the Friday of that week. So the trip was postponed for another week. Finally it was Thursday evening before the Friday we were set to go. All plans had been made. We were borrowing a large school bus from a school in Navarongo, the next town. Students had all paid their 15 cedies and Master Atim was going to the headmasters to collect the feeding money for the students. It was then the headmaster told him that such a long excursion was not in the syllabus and it would interfere with their other classes. They must wait until the holiday’s to go. End of story.

 The Form 3s have been sent home so now I don’t think they will ever go.


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