21 February 2010 – Rock Talk

Lenore and I are at the Kristo Bause (Christ in the Rocks) Monastery. We arrived yesterday afternoon and will leave early Monday morning.

After breakfast this morning we took a walk up on the rocks. The beginning of the path was so steep I took off my shoes, bent down and touched the rock to climb. When I reached a level place I looked back at Lenore. She was also stooped over but still shod and not walking on all fours.

“I’m lowering my center of gravity” she said.

We walked down and up over rocks for about two minutes and came to a spot where we cold see the whole rock formation. The rocks continued ahead of us; they got taller as they curved to form a crescent. In the curve of the crescent are boulders, trees and ferns. We enjoyed the view for a short time but the sun was hot and all the shade was down in the center of the crescent. I suggested we go to another place with more shade.

I lead us to a stone arch outside the monetary walls. We walked under the arch admiring the ferns that were scattered over the arch. It reminded me of those trees that manage to grow through a small crack in the concrete in a city. As we cleared the arch another came into view. We walked up to find two rocks perfect for leaning against. Our seat overlooked the back of the crescent. It was the perfect place to sit and catch up with each other’s lives.

We talked of school, the sabbath, and scholarships, all too soon it was time to go back for lunch.

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