11 February 2010 – Best Week

 This week I did my best teaching of the past two years. The students connected with the material. They were learning. AND the text books were finally given to the Form 3 students. I felt like a teacher

 Second term last year ICT textbooks arrived from Ghana Education Services (GES). The administration decided not to hand them out for a variety of, comprehensible to me, reasons. I begged the storekeeper, Madam Pat, to give me one copy of the text book. I have been using it for lessons and lab exercises since then and have been eager for the students to have the books as well. .

 This fall I hoped that the text books would be handed out to the students. But, Mr. Kampusi, just didn’t have the time. It’s hard oh to be the Senior House master, an Economics master and in charge of textbooks. So a month into the second term – I at last heard the wonderful news – ICT Textbooks would be distributed this week Form by Form.

 Yesterday when I saw that my Form 3s had their textbooks I was so excited that I went to evening preps(study hall) and gave them an assignment. Think of any foreign teacher you have had. How hard was it to understand her? So now my students have back up source of information if they don’t understand me. 

 This week I saw the “I’ve got it!” expression on my students’ faces, often. This term Form 3 is  learning about spreadsheets. We have spent two weeks in the classroom learning the basics of spreadsheets and the concept of spreadsheet formulas. When we went into the lab and it all came together. Near the end of the lab period, Wilfred of 3D said “Madam is that all?!” Rexford in 3A said “That was easy” after he finished totaling sales and finding profit for our furniture company. He then continued on to find max values, averages and even using the sine function! Festus and Philip in 3B1 nodded and  opened their eyes like Lady Ga Ga when I showed them how to expand a column so all of the text in the cell would show.  Madiha in 3C hugged me when I told her she had done well. Portia of 3B2 clapped her hands when I showed her how to copy and paste a formula from one cell to another and that the computer was smart enough to change the cell references. Gilbert of 3B2 discovered how to change the background color of the cells and his spreadsheet was a Pollock of colors.

 It was a good week.


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