27 March 2010 – Joy of Teaching

Question 5

You are managing a typing pool in your office. There are enough computers for the employees but your boss insists that they continue to use the typewriters. You are going to talk to your boss about letting the typists use the computers. Give three reasons why a computer is better than a typewriter.

Answer given by Anyina B. Kennedy

St. Kennedy Company

Post Office Box 41


To: Manager

St Kennedy Company


Computer is better than typewriters, our concern

To my lovely boss of St. Kennedy Company. I will like to address the concern about how work is slowing down due to the fact that we don’t have access to the computer donated to us. Boss to let you an African get a vivid picture of how a computer can be good is that the computer help word to be faster than the typewriter we using. Because the computer is powered by the electricity unlike the typewriter where human being have to use he/her hands to get words in which slows down work. Also the productivity of works high due to the compuer use and also bucaues of the computer business contact are easily transferred from on place to another with out fear. In addition to that, the computer help us to communicate to the outside world through internet which will help us get business contract else where.

Due to the numerous reasons above I would like to have the computer for as to be usng rather than the typewriter.

Yours Faithfully

Anyina Kennedy

Senior Typewriter

What I love about this is that Kennedy used his imagination and creativity to put himself in the place of the senior typewriter. And he has grasped several concepts about using the computer, i.e. connecting to the outside world, it increases productivity and can expand their business opportunities. I also love that he could see what would make a boss let them use computers. He starts saying he is concerned that work is slowing down and ends saying a computer can increase their business. The problems with writing are cosmetic and can easily be fixed with some good English tutoring but with his intelligence, insight this boy will go far.
Answer given by Nabaare Isaac T.

Although the typewriter was considered as a scientific tool for processing data, the invention or use of computers in the offices and at workplaces prove taha the typewriter is no more of good use as compared to the computer.

The use of the computer is faster than the typewriter. Because of the fastest nature of the computer, time and energy is saved. For example, the typist cannot copy information on the typewriter so if he is entitle to writer 20 pieces of letters he will suffer the pain. But if it is a computer, you can copy text and print it out of a printer is attached to the computer.

Apart from the fastest nature of the computer, the document or text created on a computer has a good quality. After writing text on the computer you can format it to give it a nice appearance and add personality to it. Infact, with the compuer,you can design any type of document you want. Tables can be created using a spreadsheet program if you are dealing with business data that involves tables.

In addition, information or date created can be saved and stored on the computer for future reference. The information of a company can be  saved on the computer for future use. With the typewriter, you cannot save and store data on it. Infact, it is true that the use of the computer is far better than the typewriter.

Sometimes they just get it! Hurray!

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