15 March 2010 – Ginormous Creepy Crawlie

Tonight a huge multi-legged creature came into my room. “Not another one” I said to no one. About two weeks ago one came into my room and it was a wild battle. It was just the most awful looking thing ever, oval shaped about two inches long and one inch wide. It had many legs like a spider but the body was long like a butterfly’s. That night it ran across my hall floor. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and shuddered. I then grabbed my trusty purple Teva sandal and went after it.

It scurried to a corner; I followed and tossed the shoe into the corner. It scurried under the table. I retrieved my weapon and tossed it under the table. It scurried across the floor, I retrieved my trusty sandal and with a battle cry swatted at the thing. It scurried behind my folding bed. I kicked the frame, Nothing. I shook it nothing. Oh I was going to have to touch the bed. There were visions of this horrid creepy crawlie climbing up the frame and getting on me. I tossed my two plastic chairs across the room. Then with one finger crashed the frame of the bed to the floor and then the mattress. There it was with another battle cry I went for the final kill. It scurried across the floor, AAAIIIIIEEEEEE and whack. It was dead. Big sigh.

There was a knock on my door. Nathaniel was there. “Madam Vicky, are you ok?” I showed him the creepy crawlie in my shovel (this is what we call the small tool that collects dust when you sweep and for the life of me I can’t remember the American name.) “Oh madam, we thought it was something dangerous with the banging and the screaming.” he smiled.

“This is not poisonous? Thank goodness!” This is one thing I love about Ghana. If there is screaming and banging in your neighbor’s home you come and see if everything is ok.

When I went the next day to apologize for the noise so late at night, I told my neighbors that in America most likely no one would come to see what was happening. The assistant headmaster’s mouth opened his eyes widened and he said “All that noise and the would ignore you?!” Francescia, his wife, suggested that I should have a can of bug spray, like the woman was selling the other day. Oh I do have bug spray flashed through my mind. I asked to leave and went home to find it. There it was in the back of my kitchen cupboard.

So tonight when ANOTHER awful creepy crawlie scurried across the floor . I shut my bedroom door then i rushed to my kitchen cupboard for a new weapon. Armed with such a powerful weapon I didn’t feel the need for war cries as I attacked. It scurried I followed and sprayed; we danced around the room until it hid behind the folding bed again. The enemy was overwhelming me, time to go for reinforcements.

I went to my neighbor’s window.” Junia”, i called. “Madam Vicky, good evening. What do you want?” “Tennie the awful bug is back. Can someone come help me?” Tennie called to her mother who came quickly. Tennie, her mother, and I went to the battlefield. It scurried across the floor as we entered the hall. Just like that wily thing to be scouting the battle fiield while I was away.. I grabbed the spray and Tennie grabbed my trusty purple Teva. Her mother searched here and there. it scurried across the floor and went under the table. It sprayed then Tennie tried to swat it. It scurried somewhere. We could not find it anywhere.

We lifted book bags, moved chairs, pulled back the folding bed, searched the kitchen, the bath room, the toilet, the back room. Nothing.

Francescia said “Madam Vicky it’s probably gone outside now. Don’t worry it’s not poisonous.”

“I am worried” i confessed “that it will jump on me and bite me”

“No” she soothes me “it won’t bite you Madam.”

“Madam Vicky” laughed Tennie “why are you afraid of that little thing.”

“Now Tennie we are all afraid of something” instructs Francescia “You are afraid of snakes”

“Madam Vicky you aren’t afraid of snakes” asked Tennie

“Well some snakes I am afraid of. But I am not afraid of chameleons at all and you fear them. Thank you both for coming to help me.” I said as I walked them to my door.

I went back to my hall and worked on my Kukaru. Then something was crawling on me. Oh it was the creepy crawlie thing. I leaped out of my chair brushing it off me. It landed on the floor. I tossed my book on it and stomped on the book. It was dead. The book IS mightier than the spray.




  1. Diane said,

    April 15, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    You are so funny! I loved that comment about the book is mightier than than the spray

  2. Beth said,

    May 24, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    I am laughing so hard I am crying because I have NO trouble picturing any part of this scene!!!!! I can hear the war cries!!! I can see the flying shoe (ok, and we wont go any farther with THAT will we????). I can see the flipping mattress and I can see you flying out of the chair and swatting it off you in a nano-second! ROFL oh my word I miss you so much!!!!!!!! We would have laughed for three days if we had been together!!!!

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