18 March 2010 – Little Things

Today I decided to meet the 10 going on 11 bus into town. I couldn’t go to market on Tuesday because I had classes and then Cantuace was coming to fetch water, so I needed provisions. Just as I was getting to the cross (junction) the bus went by in the opposite direction. Oh it would be at least an hour until the next bus came to Sandema and since it wasn’t market day there was little chance of tro tros coming by either. I was stuck for a while. To add to my misery I had forgotten my phone so I couldn’t catch up on text messages or play snake to while away the time. And I was sitting on a rock and my thinner butt provides less padding for such a seat.

I was sitting, dejected, oh I had wanted to go to town fast fast, but it looked like it was going to be at least a two hour expedition. I started silently grumbling about transportation in the upper east and geesh it was only three miles why does a three mile journey take three hours!

The papers I needed to correct and the meal I wanted to prepare for Rofina and Portia were crowding in on the moment.

Two women were selling pure water under the bus shelter. They greeted me in Buili and were so happy when I returned their greeting in their language that they chattered on to each about how the white woman could speak their language. Then the one who was sitting on the bench moved over and patted the seat telling me in Buili to come and sit. We smiled at each other then they resumed their conversation. I took a deep breath and relaxed. I listened to the musical tones of the Builsa’s language. Waited for the warm breezes to come and cool me. Looked over the harsh dry season landscape that I have come to love. I won’t be here in Sandema much longer I told myself. Don’t miss the moments in your rush to get things done.

Two motos each with one passenger went by but I can’t ride motos so I didn’t beg a ride. Then a vehicle came down the school road. YEAH! I went to the side of the road and begged. It wasn’t one of the masters but the owner of the vehicle was happy to stop and give me a ride into town. He dropped me at the market.

I did my shopping and headed to the station to pick my two new dresses. Sister Baby greeted me with a smile and found my dresses right away. They were lovely. One is a blue swirly pattern on white and the other is green and golden stars on white. Both are simple sleeveless dresses. I headed to the bus stop in a pretty good mood figuring that I didn’t have long to wait for the bus to Sandema now and I saw a yellow school bus. Oh it wasn’t San Tech’s school bus. it couldn’t be. It was too soon for them to come pick the master’s children up from school. I walked, hopeful, until I could read the name on the side. It was our school’s bus!

As you know from previous post’s that this week has been very frustrating but I will remember how the kindness of strangers and a small surprise turned the week in a better direction.


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