11 March 2010 Master Class Part II

The second Masters’ class met on Thursday this week. Oh do I enjoy working with a small group of people. They can all have some of my attention. I am sure each and everyone gets it before I have to move on to something else. And I can easily identify who is very good and can help his colleagues. It’s very refreshing to be teaching 4 instead of 40-75!

They are very good with the computer. I can tell that each of them has a computer at their bungalow because they are comfortable with the computer and get what I am telling them. I have already joked that the school might need someone to teach ICT when I leave at the end of this year.

I know you are all wondering did I do the Peel Banana energizer. YES! I was ashamed that I let myself be so self conscience that I couldn’t make a small fool of myself in front of my peers. So I gave myself a pep talk and said that the masters most likely needed to use energizers in thier classes. That so what if they laughed at me; we could laugh together, that could help us bond.  So at the hour break I made everyone stand up. I told them I was going to teach them an energizer to use with their students.  I talked of the 12:30 to 2:00 pm class and how they need something to shake them up. They all nodded. Then did it. There was about 55% compliance. Two joined in half heartedly and two were right there with me.

I am looking forward to more classes with masters.


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