2 March 2010 – The heat is on

2 March 2010 – The heat is on

Today it is so hot that:

 My chapstick melted in its tube and it was in my house, out of the sun.

 I made tea with the water in my water filter.1

 My M&Ms turned into M&M.

 I boiled a lobster in my solar heated water barrel.2

 I sat with two wet hankies on my thighs while marking papers.

 The sand in front of my house turned to glass.3

 I used  AAA4  last night for the first time.

 My new teakettle has melted Daliesque all over my stove.5 

 It took me three times as long to walk to class what with walking slower, stopping in ANY shade and frenquently drinking from my water bottle.6 

 1. Ok so tepid tea but it was warm! and it too, was not, in the sun today.

 2. We don’t have lobster here in the north but when I put my hand in to get water I pulled it out quickly! I love my solar water heater! A blue barrel with a black top. I put it outside and the afternoon sun heats the water.

 3. Well no, not really.

 4. American African Airconditioning (see post last March).

 5.No not really. I just wanted to mention my new tea kettle that my wonderful sister-in-law, Melanie, sent to me recently.

 6. My freezer is a wonderful thing. I put a half full Dr. Pepper bottle in the freezer. I lay it on its side, the top elevated slightly to avoid frozen water in the mouth. Then when I go somewhere I fill it the rest of the way with water from my filter.  I have ice cold water for about an hour during this hot season and up to 3 hours in the rainy season.


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