20 january 2010 – First day second term Second year at SHT School

For the first day of classes I had oatmeal with raspberries (thanks Mel), and ground nut paste. I rounded it out with a slice of bread and some tea. I was ready to face the masses.

 Today I would give back the end of term exams. I decided to give small prizes to the student with the highest grade in each class and a pencil to the top students. Thank you Brother Jack and Mama Doil for all the pencils. I was able to give out 150 pencils 15 to each of my 10 classes.  The student with the best grade also got a pen, an American eraser and a small notebook. They students shouted their cheers, blessings and praise to my friends and family in America for thinking of them.

 3A was the best class in all of form 3. They had only one C and the rest As and Bs. I handed out bubble gum and Lollypops to them. Thanks again Mom. You are the class favorite. Some students came in late and their mates even reminded me to give them some. At the end one of the students asked me to do ya da ya da.  A smile came to my face and my heart beat quicker could this boy know Sienfeld? I asked him to explain. He wanted me to throw the rest of the candy in the air so they could all rush for it. I said no firmly. I could see the broken noses and stomped feet.

 Coming home from class I thought surely Cantuace won’t come.  Ah but she came about 10 minutes after I arrived.  I told her the deal. She will fetch water for me twice a week. Tuesdays and Fridays. She will not leave anything in my house. I will give her 50 pesewa each time she fetches water.

 My other girls also came back. Portia brought some girls to fetch water, so Cantuace had some help. Portia and I cooked rice and stew. Over dinner we talked about careers for girls besides nursing. It was good to have them back.

 After they left I took a bath, put pomade on my feet and hands, then settled down to read a book and go to sleep. 


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