6 October 2009 Full Circle

Oh my I am so behind on typing my hand written entries into my blog! I just found this one.

Today I pulled up ground nuts. This morning I stepped outside to brush my teeth and the field was ful of people – students, my landlord, his family and my neighbor, Pat. After brushing my teeth I shouted “I’m coming” and walked back into the house. I put on my shorts, t-shirt and grubby shoes and ran out to join the fun.

Unlike the  planting, where two people worked each row in an orderly manner, people were scattered all over the field like confetti after a parade. I watched my student, Alfred, he would lean down and spread the weeds then grav the groundnut plant with elbow bent he would then pull the plant out of the ground. When his upper arm was shoulder level he would raise his arm over his head and toss the plant into one of the large metal wash basins that were placed around the field.

I bent down to find my own plant to harvest. What

 was plant and what was weed? “Asandale, let me help.” Alfred said, coming over. As he was looking for the plant he told me that there had been too much rain this season to weed.The groundnuts would have come up with the weeds because the ground was so soft. He found a plant. So that is what they look like. I uprooted my first plant with less than coordinated movements but managed to hit the wash basin when I tossed it over there. Lucky the wash basin was a big as the broadside of a barn.

We worked together for about two hours. As we filled the basins one of the girls would put it on her head and carry it back to the compound. As the walked down the bumpy dirt path between the rows, they held themselves like models on a runway. They smiled at me like I was a fashion photographer. They dumped the uprooted plants under a tree at the compound and then returned the empty basins to the field.

Around 9:30 am, the air began to get heavy and hot. We quit to eat breakfast. After breakfast we gathered under the tree and began plucking the groundnuts off the plant. Last year I sat under a different tree on a different stool at the Kampusi’s compound and did my first agricultural work in Ghana. This year I was plucking the groundnuts I had sown and harvested. I had come full circle.



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  1. Beth said,

    March 17, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Oh Vick!! I LOVE this one! The idea of being there to harvest something that you were part of sowing is grand!
    I love you a ton of ground nuts!! 🙂

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