24 January 2010 – Are you a carpenter?

This afternoon when I sat up from my nap my mattress fell to the floor. It was a long time coming. The brace that was holding the slats was slowly pulling away from the frame. The mattress was sinking so bad it was like a craftmatic bed permanently stuck on head and feet up. I meant to get to it sometime!

So I removed everything from the bed. Pillows, two yards, book, puzzle book, two pens, one eraser, fitted sheet, mattress and the slats. Oh the brace was a mess. The nails were bent. I had no more nails so I had to straighten out the nails. I tried using a very pretty hammer my mother sent but it was prettier than it was forceful. I then looked for my multi tool to use the pliers. Couldn’t find the multi tool so I went out to get a rock.

The straightening involved feet on the brace, hammering, sweating and some cussing. Just as I finished getting the nails straight enough Dizzy came by. I was standing in the bed frame. Holding the brace against the frame with my left leg and pounding a nail in.

Dizzy’s eyes opened wide and said “Madam Vicky are you are carpenter?”

“I am when I have to be.” I replied.

The sweating and hammering continued but not so much swearing- the influence of a small child. With only three of the 6 nails fully pound through the brace to the frame I decided to quit fighting the other three and put them in enough and pound them over to the side.

I put the mattress back on, the fitted sheet, the books and pencils, the two yards, the flat sheet and the two pillows.  Dizzy and I bounced on the bed. It held.

25 January 2010

I slept through the night and the mattress stayed on the frame. Time will tell how good a carpenter I am.


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