14 September 2009 First Day (Con’t)

(Author’s note: In my eagerness to post something on the blog, I neglected to make sure that the First Day entry was finished. Today (28 November 2009) I discovered it was not finished! So here’s the rest.)

The writing was finished so I decided to sit out under my summer hut, do a kakuro and enjoy the fact that the sun was shining. For the first time in at least 10 years I was enjoying the absence of children due to the beginning of school. There is a boisterous, jumbly joy to having your children home but today I was enjoying the quiet, still joy of an empty house. While doing the puzzle I also sat and watched the goats. They are a riot. Today this one little goat kept bounding away. He looked like a stone skipping over water. His hoves would touch down for a second and then he was in the air again. He was bleating the whole time. Then his mother would reply in a low bleat. Bounce, high squeeky bleat, land, low bleat, high squeeky bleat, bounce, low bleat and so on.  Finally homing in on it’s mother the baby goat turned in mid air and shot off towards comfort and milk.

Mama goats and babies communicate like this all the time. You will hear the high squeeky bleats of the babies and the low waah of the mama. Sometimes the baby will wail and wail with no answer. At times I think the mother goat is hiding. If I were a mother goat I would hide. When the baby wantes to nurse he darts at the mother then bashes her teat with his hard little nose, three or four times! I am sure its to start the milk flowing but geesh it’s gotta hurt! If there is reincarnation then coming back as a she goat has got to be a punishment!

The goats play king of the mountain on my summer hut walls. The walls are only 1 foot high but every kid wants to be the only one on it’s section. They will head butt. They will push each other. Sometimes they pusher falls off then leaps back on like that was what he was planning all along. Sometimes a third goat will come when two are head butting and bleat like she is the referee.

The goats entertained me until the kids came home from school. Then it was “This happened today. Madam said that. We cleaned all day no classes. It was so wet and muddy.” The noises of a full house and compound filled the evening.


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