Apologies 24 November 2009

This term has been so busy and I have neglected my blogging. I promise to catch up during the Christmas Holiday. Why was this term so busy? I, being a crazy person, said I would like to teach both Form 2 and Form 3 (sophomore and junior) ICT. My heart would not let go of the students I had last year and I knew there was no one to teach the practical end of computers to the new Form 2s so I said give me both. I only have ten 80 minute periods a week. I have no classes on thursday so why am I so busy. Sounds like a dream job in America! Ah but I am teaching 235 Form 2s and 218 Form 3s. When I am not making lesson plans and planning homework I am marking homework.

This term I also had my first visit from a family member. Melanie, my sister-in-law came to visit in October. I will write all about her visit and I am hoping she will do a guest post sharing her impressions of Ghana with you all as well.

Last I had to go to Accra for medical reasons for a week and a half this month. I am fine. I will also write about that in more detail.

Like they do in the movies I will tell you of coming attractions. Pictures of Anala, my cat,
and a story about him. Our visit to a slave camp. Problems with my girl. My first extended case of the blues. And eating locally. These and I hope so many more coming soon.




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  1. Debra Unruh said,

    November 27, 2009 at 10:17 am

    A belated happy Thanksgiving to you! My oldest daughter, Christine, invited her parents to Billings, Montana for the holiday weekend. We talked to Elyse who was at the Ambassador’s for the Thanksgiving feast. Black Friday here, the day after Thanksgiving. Try explaining that to a Ghana friend! Take care, Debra

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