29 August 2009 Beautiful Day

I  am home with no plans to travel further than Bolga for a month. I came home on Tuesday. I have been to market but other than that I have stayed pretty close to home. I have slept in my own bed for 4 nights. I have washed my clothes in my own bucket and hung them to dry on my own line. I have been able to use the toilet in my house at night. And am catching up with my friends here. Its good to be home.

Before I went to sleep last night there was lightening. I unplugged everything. If I could have I would have removed my new electric meter from the outside of the house. My last experience with lightening has made me cautious.

Early in the morning it began to pour. The rain beat on the roof. The curtains fluttered in the wind, even after I closed the window louvers. Somehow I managed to go back to sleep in the midst of an African thunderstorm.

When I awoke in the the morning it was still raining. I read in bed for an hour. Then got up. It was raining so hard I didn’t expect Cantuace any time soon. I made tea. I had cinnamon mocha and bread with the last of my tasty almond butter. I bet you are wondering why I said I had tea when I really had mocha and bread. Here in Ghana tea is a type of meal. Anytime you have a hot drink and bread even an egg sandwich it’s called having tea. I most often have tea in the morning.

Writing this has reminded me there are scrids of almond butter in the jar. I will interrupt this post to go clean out the jar. In Ghana it’s ok to eat with your hands so I will us my fingers to clean out the jar.

mmmm Thanks Mel!

Ok so where was I oh having tea. I sat in my hall and had tea and did a kakuro puzzle. After my tea I settled down to write about he Burkina Faso trip. I wanted to rewrite some entries I had done in long hand. I started the computer but the battery was low so I decided to write more entries in long hand.

As I wrote it rained. After about an hour I thought it was over but then in 30 minutes it would start up again. During one of the lulls Cantuace came. She ate then decided to do her laundry in the rain. Go figure. She sheltered against the house under the awning.

About 10:30 I had enough. Oh Stewart how do you write for 8 hours a day? I am beat after 3-4. I decided to wash dishes so i could use my hands instead of my brain. When I finished dishes I was hungry. I boiled some spiral pasta. I sauted the carrots, string beans, onions, green peppers and cabbage in palm nut oil and added salt, pepper and basil. I tossed in the cooked pasta and let it all simmer for about 10 minutes.

When I served my portion I added pepperoni. Thank you brother Jack for the pepperoni. Cantuace does not like pepperoni so I didn’t cook it in with the other food. A small price to pay to have the pepperoni all to myself.

I did a kakuro while I ate. After I ate I tried to write but I just couldn’t get back into it. The sun was coming out so I decided to walk to Kampusi’s to get some units, more palm oil, t-roll and a mineral for Cantuace and me. When I got outside it was so beautiful I went back in to get my camera.

I took a few photos around the house then met Richard, Nathanial and Mandella. They told me to come see the new baby goats. Oh they were so small. They were also slow enough i could catch them. I picked one up and started talking to it. You know the way we crazy obruni do with cute baby animals. The boys just laughed and laughed. My attitude towards animals always amuses them but this time it was over the top. A small white one was named miracle. So last night in that wild storm two goats were giving birth. I asked if they did it all alone or did one of the boys come help. More laughter. It’s a natural process why should they help?

Then I went to Kampusi’s to do my shopping. I thought I might visit but Perpetua was in Navarongo. So I went home.

Back at the house I took my new local stool out under the summer hut. Maybe changing my location will make it easier to write. I was stuck on the Burkina Faso story so I decided to write about today. As I was writing the clouds came again. I decided to take down Cantuace’s laundry. It started to sprinkle just as I finished. I am inside again writing in my hall.

As I write I wonder if it is exciting enough to post. I don’t write everyday because life seems ordinary now and yet what’s ordinary about three goats born in a thunderstorm?


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