22 June 2009 Good things since I arrived at training

(Sorry another post lost in a different notebook!)

The best thing is that Agatha and I are not only in the same village but we are living together in the same house! yeah! We have a hall, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a porch, a deep latrine toilet and a bathing room.

We eat together,  go to meetings together. We have spent a lot of time catching up. It is good to have her company.

From Thursday to Saturday noon I worried when and how I would be reimbursed for travel. It was expensive to be in Accra since I ate Obruni food the whole time, and I really needed some money to finance my stay at training.  Jones, the new money man, came Saturday noon. He reimbursed me for travel and here’s the next good thing, I get paid for training! 6 GH cedis a day. That doubles my PC stipend! I will be RICH after training! NOT. ( I actually did not become rich but at least I wasn’t in the hole after training.)

The trainees are also a nice part of training. Sunday I  visited of them. Arianna King, Ari, and I had a nice visit. Her parents and sister were in Peace Corps. She said she was determined NOT to follow in their footsteps until she went to visit her sister in Senagal. She will be teaching ICT. She was a graphic designer in the US but felt ICT was more needed here and asked to be an ICT Teacher. (After site visit she decided she would also teach art at her school. )

I went to find Brendan but ended up finding Joe and Scott!  The three of us walked and talked for a while.  They live next to each other, Scott went home and I went in to greet Joe’s family and visit with him for a bit. Joe has retired from the Chicago Federal Reserve. He is of course a 50+ and will also be teaching ICT.

Later that afternoon I hung with the sexy 50+ sisters, Nancy and Carol. We went for a walk to visit Gigi another of the sexy sisters. They are all 50+ as well. Guess I ended up in the right community with 4 50+ in it. Gigi’s home stay mom is just as lively as Gigi. They are a pair. Gigi’s home stay brother is a weaver. He makes the traditional Kente cloth. He had two apprentices working with him. (He was very happy that Peace Corps was in his town because we bought a lot of pieces of cloth. Gigi also took some to our seminar days and sold plenty for him.

Madam Gigi teaching is a site to behold. It is certainly a highlight of training. She use her small Twi to it’s greatest advantage. She greeted the children, praised them and even used word for thief in Twi. Her lesson was very animated and the children loved her. She will do well.

The family that lives next door has been very welcoming. Last night I danced an Ashanti dance, Aduah and learned to beat the rhythm. Then we ate banku together.

As always it’s the people that make training worthwhile.


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