27 Jul 09 Strike One . . . They’re Out!

Today lightening struck my house. I  was in the middle of a wild African thunderstorm, my first one this rainy season. It had been almost a year since the last one. I was correcting papers. I had unplugged my computer and my phone. No premonition I always unplug them thanks to my mom!

 Then it happened. It was awesome. A round pulse of light, a crack of thunder and a singed smell in the air. Yes the thunder happens simultaneously when the lightening is nearby! Then the lights went out.

 When the storm stopped I looked out my door. There to the right was something hanging. I opened the door and looked – my meter was blown off the wall. Later I went to my water barrel for water and the switch above the barrel was blown out of the wall. When I  told my landlord Francis he said the same thing happened to his meter and Pat’s wall switch.

The lightening traveled through out the school to two more bungalows and to the girls dorm.

I am ok and I got all my electricity, lights and fridge back in 4 days.

-vcOutside meter

Wall switch


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