8 May 2009 – Means

(Sorry this is posted so late.  I just found it in the small notebook I wrote it in! )

 Today I had to go to Bolga. Some how I ended up with only one Cedi in my purse. Just enough for bus fare to Bolga. I wanted to go early to have plenty of time to shop, use the internet and visit some people. But everything was working against me. First, I could not get to sleep that night. I tried everything I usually do to relax. Read. Yoga breath. Count backwards fro 212. Tell myself a story. Nothing worked so by 1:00 am I decided to turn off my 5:30 alarm. So what if I miss the 7:00 am bus. There’s another one at 8:00 am.

 I did finally get to sleep only to awake at 5:00 am! Oh good I can catch the 7:00 am. Ah but as I get further and further from sleep and closer to being fully awake I realize it is pouring out and the wind is blowing very hard. So although I am awake I know this rain will last awhile and I won’t make the 7:00 am bus. Mercifully I lay down and doze.

 About 6:30 am I awake again. The rain is just a gentle mist now. Ok so I will bathe, eat and get ready to take the 8:00 am.  By 7:30 am I am at junction waiting for the 8:00 bus.  At 7:36 it passes going into Sandema. Great it should be here in 30 or 45 minutes. Two boys form Form 2 come to the junction. They ask if the Kofour bus has gone into Sandema. I tell them it went by about 15 minutes ago so the bus should come soon.

 We talk. Time passes. One asks the time. I look it’s 8:11. Wonderful the bus should come soon.

 A tro go by headed Bolga way but he wan’t 50 p, half my money, to go to Chuchiliga, less than half my way, so I send him on sure that the bus will come soon.

 The school pick up comes by. Do I want a ride into town? They were picking up WASSEC exams and would gladly take me. I guess it’s close to 8:30. Decide if they take me into town now we might drive by the kofour bus then I am out of luck for another 2 hours at least. “No thanks” I say “The bus will come soon.”

 9:00 am. I have now used all my waiting coping strategies. I had a long text conversation with Hannah about going to Training of trainers and caught up on other text messages. I have played snake. I have cleaned my messages from my phone. All conversation has deteriorated to wondering when will the bus come.  I am no longer thinking the bus will come soon.

 My co-waiters are also becoming disillusioned verging on desperate. They try to beg a ride with a private car. There is only one person in it. The car does not stop. My student curses “You will get into an accident because you did not stop for us. You are just too selfish.”  I laugh and say “That’s a pretty harsh judgment for failing to give us a ride!”  But we are all pretty desperate because it’s 9:15 and we no longer believe that the bus will come soon.

 Five minutes later the school’s bus comes to the junction veering toward town. Kojo asks me if I am going to town and dejected I say no I am going to Bolga. So are we he replies. First we have to go into town then Bolga. Oh can I come! I do the I finally have means dance right there. And can I bring my gas can? Yes, is the answer. I add the I will so be able to cook with gas steps to the I have means dance. Then we discuss if I wait at the junction or go with them. At this  point I want to get in a moving vehicle no matter where it is going so I hop in.

 There is a hitch of course. After we run errands in Sandema town we must go back to the administration block at school to wait for the bursar. So  at 10:30 am,  I write the blog entry as another waiting strategy. But I know this bus will leave for Bolga soon.



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