18 April 2009 – Definition of luxury

I am staying at the KSO visiting Mike and waiting for Kerri and Rachael. Kerri, Rachael, and I will go to Cape Coast. Sinade, Sarah and Adam will come with them from the Upper West. The past three days I have been visiting Lenore. You saw photos of me cooking at her house.

This morning Mike asked if I wanted to go into town. He had some errands to do. Lenore was going to racecourse to pick up a fast car to Accra. I needed some things in Kumasi town as well. Aikins started the SUV. Mike got in the front. I hopped in the back seat behind Mike. Lenore put all her bags in the way back and hopped in beside me. Ming Lee decided he wanted to come along as well. So he got in the back with Lenore and I. This is the first part of  my new definition of luxury. One person per seat. There were 5 of us in the SUV. We each had plenty of leg room and we were not squished against each other. Lenore and Ming had room for their bags in the back.

Second part, The doors closed. The windshield was not cracked. All the door handles were intact and no dents on the vehicle. On the ride into town we had a conversation. Often on public transport the music is loud enough to fill Fenway Park, so no conversations. More luxury.

We dropped Lenore at racecourse. She joined a fast car for Accra that was almost full. Then we dropped Ming Lee at his tailors. I was alone in the back seat. Aikins was driving; Mike was riding shotgun. I felt like a rich bitch with her driver and body guard. I will add this as well to the definition of luxury – two handsome men in the front seat.

As we were turning the corner to Opuku Market I saw a street vendor selling Ghana maps. “Oh I want one of those!” I thought.

The next luxury was being dropped at the door of Opuku Market. Whew I was getting spoiled. Then Mike said to call when I was done and they would pick me up. Boy even more spoling.

Maybe I was spoiled in the US.  Since the day I was born I took for granted that I could travel in private vehicle. Now the norm is riding in crowded, noisy buses or tro tros and waiting not minutes but sometimes hours to catch transport. There is some joy in the crowded noisy busses. I enjoy meeting people. Listening to them talk and to the animals bleat or cluck. However I won’t turn down the luxury when it is offered!


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