31 Mar 2009 Bicycle

31 Mar 2009


1 Apr 2009

Today the April fool was on me! How will I ever ride my bicycle to town if I can’t even ride to the junction and back without getting jelly legs!

3 Apr 2009

3:30 pm – My back tire needs air. I knew I should have gotten pump in Bolga when I bought the bike. I will borrow Thomas’ pump.

6:30 pm – It’s dark and still Thomas has not come home so I can borrow his pump.

4 Apr 2009

6:30 am – Samuel, my small boy, has Thomas’ pump in the village.

6 Apr 2009
I bought my own pump in Bolga today. 1.50 Ghana Cedis. Emmanuel, my friend with the taxi, tried to get the shopkeeper to reduce the price. Later in the care he said “I was trying to teach you to always bargain no matter how good you think the price is.”

7 Apr 2009
6:25 am – I pumped my tier When I unscrewed the pump half the air came out. My back was aching so I decided to try again later.

7:03 am – Tire is pumped. Now to leave it a bit to see if it has a leak.

2:00 pm – The tire has a puncture. I will have to take it to town to get it fixed.
8 Apr 2009

6:45 am – I met Madam Paulina at the classroom block before final assembly. I thanked her for sending the men to do the summer hut. Then she asked me if I had been riding my bike. I told her my troubles. We conversed about many ways to get it fixed but finally decided I could send it to Rose’s father. Rose is one of Dizzy’s friends and they live right here on campus.

1:15 pm – When Thomas and Samuel came home from school I asked them to take the tire to Rose’s father. They said they could fix the puncture. Great!

10 Apr 2009
7:15 am – No sign of the boys fixing my tire. When Samuel came to fetch the water I asked him to take the tire to Rose’s father. He said he could fix it. I decided to be a little more proactive this time. I said “Great, what do we need and can you fix it today?” He tells me we need patches. I suggest that I will get them in town today and he replies that we can get them at Madam Kampusi’s. Of course we can if I need it Perpetua has it! I gave him money. He got the patches and fixed the tire. It’s nice to have a boy.

3:45 – I road my bike around campus. Visited Madam Paulina. Went to the computer lab. No jelly legs! Yeah!