3 April 2009 Proposal

Today I had the first proposal of marriage from a Ghanaian man that I fleetingly considered. I was at Perpetua’s have a mineral(soda) and Koju came and sat with me. We were talking and he asked if I was going back to America before my Peace Corps service was over. I told him that i would not return until Sept 2010. He was very concerned that I wouldn’t see my husband* all that time. He said Oh madam you are too fine a woman to be without a man for all that time! Marry me and I will take care of you!

There are three things that made me consider this proposal. First he know me. He is not some random stranger I met on the bus. We knew each other. We have had some conversations. We have traveled to Paga and Bolga together. I am a person to him not just the “white lady”.

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Second the way he said it showed concern for me and my needs. It wasn’t the typical “Take me to America” proposal. He was happy to stay in Ghana. Loves his life in Ghana. So at last some one who wanted to give not take.

The thing that almost tipped the scales in his favor is that he is the school bus driver! I would ALWAYS have transport! And I would have a seat in that transport. If I hadn’t recently bought a bike would there be a wedding feast?

* Ghanaians make assumptions about my marital status because I have two children. Divorce is rare here. I don’t challenge those assumptions in hopes of having fewer conversations like this one!

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