7 April 2009 American African Air Conditioning


Hot dry air at least 100 degrees
2 yards of cloth (a 2 yard)
A bucket
One scoop of water
One ceiling fan
One SMW*

You will not need a thermometer you will know when its 100 degrees +.

Put the scoop of water in the bucket. Put the two yard in the bucket. Mix the two yard and water until the two yard is throughly soaked. Fold the two yard in half and in half again. Squeeze excess water out of two yard. Turn on the bedroom ceiling fan. Lay SMW on the bed. Clothing not required. Cover with wet two yard.

Repeat again in 30-45 minutes or until the SMW goes to sleep.

You may replace SMW with

but never with SGP because an SGP is never crazy enough to sleep inside when it is 100 degrees +.

SMW – Sweaty Menopausal Woman
SMM – Sweaty Middle-aged Man
SMC – Sweaty Married Couple
SCG – Sweaty College Grad or Sweaty Computer Geek
STS – Sweaty Thirty Something
SBB – Sweaty Baby Boomer
SGX – Sweaty Gen Xer

SGP – Sweaty Ghanaian Person


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