Invigilating the WASSCE April 2009

The meeting opened with a prayer. The Headmaster explained that some of the administration had recently been to a briefing on the invigilating of the West African Senior Secondary Completion Exams. He said that the West African Examination Commission is very serious about cheating on the WASSCE. In the past few years the Commission has started publishing names of schools where there was cheating, including the names of the candidates who cheated. The Headmaster wants us to be extra diligent so our school’s name will not appear in the paper.

The Headmaster than passed the meeting to the Assistant Headmaster who began the reading of the regulations with the definition of an invigilator. One who watches people who are taking an examination and makes sure that they do not cheat. The Invigilators must come from the staff of the school. They cannot invigilate in a subject that they teach. They must come to the exam 30 minutes before it is scheduled to start. They cannot make changes to the time table without authorization.

The arrangement of the room was then described. The room must be free from any teaching materials on the walls or in the candidate desks. All maps, charts, notes or other subject materials must be removed from the classroom. candidate desks should be places 1.5 meters from right to left. They must be 1.2 meters apart from front to back. The distance is measured from the center of the candidate desk. This distance should keep candidates from intentionally or unintentionally copying. Each candidate will be assigned a desk for the whole exam period. The desk will have his or her WASSCE registration number on it. There will be a minimum of one invigilator per room and one invigilator for every 30 candidates in the room.

The invigilator should
● Stay in the room
● Walk around the room
● Not stand near any one candidate too long
● Stand behind and not beside a candidate when observing the candidate
● Not teach the candidates during the exam
● Not allow any unauthorized person in the room during the exam
● Begin the exam at the time stated on the timetable
● Not have a cell phone in the room during the exam
● Declare if your ward is taking the WASSCE in this school
● Search desks and the classroom for any papers left from the previous exam period

The candidates will be admitted into the room 30 minutes before the examination is scheduled to start. They will be searched by the invigilator or the supervisor. It is important to look in socks, shoes, and braziers as well as pockets. candidates are not allowed to bring any foreign materials into the examination room. That includes blank pieces of paper. All electronic devices will be checked. If a candidate brings in a math set or drafting tools they can only bring in the instruments but no papers or booklets that may come with the instruments.

The examination stationary must be handled with care and protected from being lost or stolen. The exams are stored in a central place and guarded by policemen. An authotherized person will go the the central place and pick up the exams for that examination period. This year our exams will be held a Sandema Secondary School in Sandema, U.E.R.. When the exams arrive invigilator must examine the seals on the packages. She is to make sure the information on the seal matches the exam name and date on the time table. Exams should them be counted and any discrepancies between the count and the number on the packing slip noted. The invigilator and the supervisor will sign the packing indicating that they were present when the exams were opened. The packages will be opened in front of the candidates. Only the candidates will see the examination paper until the exam is over. Not even the invigilator shall have a copy in her possession when the exam is in process.

Befor the invigilator hands out the exams the candidates must be seated. The invigilator will hand the examination paper, answer sheet to each candidate. In no case will a candidate receive two examination papers. The invigilator will also hand supplementary paper to each candidate if needed. If a candidate wants more supplementary paper she will raise her hand and the invigilator will give the paper directly to her.

When the candidate fills out the front cover of the examination it must be filled in ink and all sections must be filled. The front cover has the candidates identifying information. This should be done before the candidate starts the examination and note left to the end of the examination period. If this section is not filled out correctly the exam will be invalidated.

candidate will write on both sides of the examination script. Each answer shall be started on a new page. Two lines should be left between answers to subquestions. Objective questions will be answered on a supplemental objective sheet. candidates cannot have additional answer sheets for rough work; they must show their rough work in the exam.

If a candidate is 30 minutes late to the exam they cannot take the exam.

Fifteen to thirty minutes after the exam begins the invigilator will take attendance. They will make a check mark if the candidate is there and an A if she is absent. The invigilator must mark the sheet according to who is sitting in the classroom. If part two of an exam is being given do not assume that everyone who took part one will take part two.

candidates cannot leave the exam room except for a call of nature or if they fall ill. When a candidate leaves the classroom they must be accompanied by a master or other exam official. They must be searched before and after they leave.

There is no copying or assisting of copying. For the first offense the candidate will be warned and an irregularity form will be filled out.

There will be no using of notes. If an invigilator finds a candidate using notes she will confiscate the notes from the candidate. The invigilator will attach the notes to the irregularity report. There must be evidence of cheating so be sure to get the notes.

When the exam is over the invigilator will collect answer scripts, examination and any supplemental papers from each and every candidate. Be sure to collect all unused materials from candidates. Loose sheets should be tied to the answer scripts. Each supplemental sheet should have name and index number on them. Do not complete the front cover of any examination sheet for those who are there or who are absent. The scripts should be counted and repacked to return to WASSCE.

The supervisor will be given 51 GH Cedis per exam and the Invigilators will be given 31 GH Cedis per exam.

Notes from a meeting.


  1. nana bonsu said,

    April 26, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    hello …please am commenting on this because it si said that students are not allow to wear sneakers but only sandals and why????????????????????????????????

  2. kwame said,

    April 3, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    what happens when abt 80% of teachers in a high sch decide to absent themselves from invigilations? can a teacher without an appointment letter or not on scale invigilate? how can i help waec to check malpractices in my district. i can also be reached on 0243368398.

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