10 Feb 09 BBQ

The moon is so bright tonight it is casting a shadow. Walking home from Perpetua’s, I turned off my flashlight and let the moon be my light. I look on the ground and there was my shadow!

It was a good day. The 8 month anniversary of my coming to Ghana. I celebrated with a BBQ. I met one of the other masters at the bus stop. While talking I said one thing I wanted to get in town was a metal grill to us to cook on rocks. After much discussion and an illustration I learned it is called a metal net. A welder will make one to spec!

When we got to the welder only his apprentices were there. I thought I was out of luck but my companion wandered into the shop and found one. It only cost 2 GH Cedis.

In the market I got a leg and thigh piece of chicken.

When I got home from the market I didn’t even rest. I just started cooking. I went out to my three rocks and gathered fire wood. One piece was huge. As I was trying to break it with my foot one neighborhood kid came by and helped me.

I started the fire and put the chicken on to boil. Thomas and his friends were around. They were sitting watching. I heard some talking and laughing and over heard Fillicka (white person). I turned and said to them “Yes what is this crazy white person doing? I’ll tell you it’s called Barbecue.”

As the chicken cooked I went in to make the BBQ sauce. Ketchup, mustard, honey, peppe, salt, black peppe, and sugar. Thomas and one of his friends came in while I was making it. “What are you going to do with that?”? they asked.

“Put it on the poultry” I replied.

I went out to the check the chicken. There were three more kids.

I went back to cut tomatoes and green peppers to roast. Went back out and the chicken was boiled. There were two more kids had materialized. I took the pot into the kitchen. When I pulled the leg and thigh out of the pot they looked pretty small. There were 8 hungry mouths around the fire. I began to worry then let it go. If nothing else we will all have a taste. So I baste the chicken and bring it and the veggies out.

I put the food on the grill. Everyone laughed when i put four Okro on. Who knows maybe grilled okro will be good. But also the okro were lost to flipping mishaps. They were just long enough to fit across the holes in the grill and flipping was a delicate operation that did not have the surgeons hands to perform!

Finally the chicken is done. Nice and crispy on the outside and it looks juicy and tender inside. The veggies are not. I forgot that veggies take longer on the grill. I decided to eat the chicken while the veggies cooked.

I went to the kitchen. Plated the chicken and brought out water to wash with. We all, all 9 of us washed our hands. I close my eyes and pray “Dear Jesus thank you for this food. May you multiply this chicken like you did the loaves and the fishes. Thank for all of us here and may this food strengthen us to serve you. “
So I took the first taste, an honor thrust upon me. It was a small bit of dark meat and some dark crunchy skin. Oh it was sweet and spicy and the meat was tender. Then I passed the plate. We all had a taste, then another and finally a third taste.

BBQ does taste better when its shared!

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