12 January 09 Fire Dance

Last night there was a fire and some cultural dancing. Pleas forgive me for not taking my camera but I wanted to be a participant. I will try to describe the image in words. There were chairs arranged in a L. The fire was at the top of the L. The drummers were to the right of the L. The dancers cam from behind the drummers and danced between the fire and the people. They carried small pom poms made from feathers. As they danced they twirled the pom poms. The wind blew the flames and sparks to the right. The fire behind the dancers made them darker than they already were. The dance was almost in sillouette but when a dancer turned then the fire caught her face and it glowed. The dancers bodies responded the the rhythm of the drums. I was absolutely enjoying myself. I thought the only thing better would be if I were dancing too. Of course after I thought that the dancers invited us to join. The step was simple. We shuffled one foot through the sand in a semi circle and the the other. We opened our arms to the side with elbows bent. The movement of my shoulders gave motion to my arms. I danced so long one of the dancers asked me if I was tired. “N O!” I said and boogied on.

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